The year 2023 has already begun, and with it, our many new year’s resolutions, goals, and plans we set for ourselves. One popular goal is freelancing. It may seem intimidating to take the lead from a full-time job to freelancing full-time, but as time passes, more and more professionals are finding great opportunities here.

Here are five reasons we believe that freelancing in 2023 is an excellent idea:


1. More companies are looking for freelancers

Especially since the pandemic began, more companies are realizing the opportunities in hiring freelancers rather than full-time employees for some positions. For this reason, there is high demand at the present time. 


“Business owners and managers recognized that their workforce no longer needed to sit at a desk in an office from nine to five to be successful. The rise in remote workers, online collaboration tools, video conferencing, and talented workers dispersed around the globe has led many businesses to hire more freelancers,” wrote Upwork, a work marketplace where brands can hire freelancers for short or long-term projects.


Some benefits companies receive from working with freelancers are savings in costs, access to worldwide specialized talent, high quality of work, increased flexibility, and no long-term commitment.


2. Higher earning potential for freelancers

Starting as a freelancer, no matter the field, can be complicated, and, at first, it may be hard to make as much money as you want. Plus, you would have to manage different schedules and meetings, be very organized, and constantly look for new opportunities since many freelance jobs are temporary.


However, there are more reasons to freelance and the positive side is that you can make more money as a freelancer than in a full-time job. You can set your own rates, manage your own clients and the volume of work you can and are willing to do.


As you grow as a freelancer, you will see that you can charge more for your work since you will have a portfolio of completed jobs, more experience, and positive client feedback that indicates you are a professional worth hiring.


3. A more flexible schedule

One of the most significant benefits freelancers have is flexibility in their schedules. Not only can they work from home and save time from commuting, but they can also work anywhere else they want. Here are more reasons to freelance.


Freelancing has also become an excellent option for people that, due to their circumstances, can’t work for a traditional employer. Still, by being freelancers, they can fit work better into their schedules.


A great benefit for freelancers is that they have the freedom to decide their own workload according to what they can handle, which depends on their personal situation. Plus, if they have to move, they can still keep working.


4. You are your own boss

If there is something you will get rid of when you become a freelancer is micromanagement. When you work as a freelancer, you are your own manager and also your own boss. Again, more important reasons to freelance.


You are in control of what projects you do and which ones you don’t want to do. Also, you decide how to organize your everyday activities, even at what time of day you will complete your tasks or if you will take a few days off to unplug.


A freelancer is an autonomous entity with absolute authority over what they do and how they do it. Plus, you avoid office politics and bad management when you report to yourself.


5. Improve your skill set

Traditional employees often have a set job description and rarely get out of that role. As a freelancer, you have the opportunity to expand your skills, learn new things and put them into practice, and have a more diverse job.


Also, as a freelancer, you will put into practice skills for marketing and sales since you will have to sell your services to potential customers. We can also add management, client relations, and customer service to this list, depending on the service you offer.


How does 2023 look for freelancers?

Many believe that 2023 will be a great year for freelancers. While there are businesses performing layoffs, there are many considering hiring freelancers.


Companies are also aware of the many benefits of hiring freelancers and that there is a larger pool to choose from in 2023. Nonetheless, one thing to focus on to win more jobs is low cost and differentiation since more and more people are taking the freelancer path, so the competition has increased.


It is also essential to see which skills and talents are in demand. If your expertise is in need, it is more likely for you to get hired. If not, you could research what people are mainly looking for and see if you have any of those skills or if there’s a way to acquire them.


According to TechRepublic, in 2022, “the greatest year-over-year growth on Upwork has been in web programming (43% YoY growth), web design (31%) and social media marketing (25%)”. Therefore, if you have any of these skills, it may be a good time to consider freelancing. There are so many reasons to freelance right now.


Also, many businesses support their employees even if they have side gigs. In other words, as long as it is not a competing brand, they are ok with the team having additional jobs, which is what freelancers most likely do to generate more income and because they have the time to do so.


We believe that freelancing will continue to professionalize. Not only will you see more and more marketplaces arise, but companies will increase their trust in working with freelancers and the skills and benefits they can bring to the team and project. They are starting to understand that it is possible and beneficial to work with freelancers on long-term ventures and that they can even have a combination of full-time in-office employees and freelancers.


Learn more about what the future holds for startups and entrepreneurs on our website. At Ulin Consulting, we are ready to discuss how these changes in the business world can benefit you and your project. 5 Great Reasons to Freelance in 2023.

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