Running a business requires a heavy load of multitasking, and entrepreneurs need constant access to information about operations. As tech innovation expands, business owners have access to ways to simplify processes and improve operations. Consider the following apps every small business owner needs.

6 Apps Every Small Business Owner Needs

  1. For Managing Inventory: Delivrd

If part of your business is distributing tangible products to consumers, you need an app that will help you keep track of inventory. Delivrd allows you to manage the intake, storage, and fulfillment of inventory all from your phone. You save money on labor hours for inventory counting because the system keeps track of how much inventory you have and need at all times by monitoring transactions. It even offers so analytic capabilities by charting sales, specifically tracking the top-selling items to help you make choices about product changes.


  1. For Sales: QuickBooks GoPayment

A good point of sale program helps you keep track of online and in-person sales. If you are new to the process, QuickBooks GoPayment is a great place to start. It works best for simple transactions, and it connects directly to your business bank account to allow stability for you and your customers during the payment process. There are fees associated with the services, but you will not find a free POS system.


  1. For Managing Projects: Evernote

Project management can be the most exciting and stressful element of your business. Evernote is a project management program that helps you organize tasks, due dates, assignments, and more. You can keep everything in one place and access it from your smartphone wherever you’re located. You can scan images and documents, write notes, and save everything offline. At only $7.99 per month, it’s a great deal.


  1. For Collaboration: Skype

Team collaboration and communication are assets to any business, and as a business owner, you can help your team by providing them with a platform to work together from anywhere. Skype became increasingly popular within the last few years because it allows people to work together even when separated. You can create groups and schedule meetings in one place and video chat when you need to talk about a team project. 


  1. For Customer Relations: Nimble

Customers generally expect a personal experience when interacting with a company. Research shows that today’s customer expects fast delivery and immediate responses. Nimble helps you organize your sales team and keep in constant contact with customers to better their experience. It’s an easy-to-use program with a fun portal.


  1. Apps You Need When Starting Out

Regardless of the type of business you run, Adobe has tools that every business owner needs. There are several that you can use for visual branding efforts — for example, design a logo online quickly with a free online app.


Keep all your basic business apps readily available as well. For example, social media apps allow you to bounce back and forth between business and personal profiles so you can keep up with your social media interactions. Keep your bank app on your phone as well so you can always access your accounts. Finally, keep up with what people are saying about you online with Yelp and other review sites.


Part of your job as a business owner is to keep up with the changes made to technology over time. These apps every small business owner needs are great for now, but something new will eventually come along. Keep up and you’ll stay ahead of the competition.


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Elijah Dawson- 6 Apps Every Small Business Owner Needs


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