Link building has become one of the most important digital marketing strategies utilized by marketers worldwide. Recent studies indicate that 65% of the digital marketers globally state that link building is the hardest part of Search Engine Optimization. As complicated and overwhelming as it may sound, when done right, it can boost your website traffic, improve your search engine rankings, and provide several other powerful benefits to your business. Specifically we will be identifying 8 link building benefits for your business for 2022.


So, what is link building?

Link building can be best explained as the process of placing your website’s backlinks on external authoritative websites. According to experts, Google considers the practice of placing backlinks as recommendations for your website. These back links helps boost the performance of businesses in search engine results. When other websites with relevant content and high domain authority link back to your site, they let Google or other search engines know your site is a trusted authority on a particular subject. Trust is just one of the many important factors to search engines, along with things like expertise and authority.


Types of Backlinks

Backlinks can be classified into two categories

  1. The “Do-Follow Links” help SEO scores and improve search rankings and site metrics.
  2. The “No Follow Links” help direct traffic to your website but do not help with SEO scores or the website metrics.


Benefits of implementing link building strategies in your business’s digital marketing plan

So now that you understand the basics of link building let’s look at the key 8 link building benefits that will provide you with enough motivation to start implementing these link-building strategies in your business’s digital marketing plan.


  1. Improved traffic for your website

In today’s digital era, businesses tend to rely heavily on generating more and more website traffic to generate sales. One great benefit of building backlinks for your business website is that other websites can link back to your website and increase the chances of getting more clicks from their users. Not only this but using backlinks can also boost your business’s domain authority, trust and expertise. As a result, Google considers your website to be more authoritative, trustworthy, and expert, thus increasing your website ranking in Google’s search engine and ultimately generating more traffic for it.


  1. Helps in climbing the search rankings

When websites deemed relevant and credible link back to your website, it provides useful context for Google and other search engines to use when ranking sites. So, if an authority plumbing site links back to your hardware store website, it signifies your authority on a relevant subject. The more authoritative and relevant the linking site is, the more it can lead to better search rankings for your site. 


  1. Improves website visibility by higher website metrics

Another yet increasingly important benefit of building backlinks is that it helps in improving website metrics like Domain Authority, Domain Rating, Page Ranking, and even Alexa Ranking. By doing so, back linking helps enhance the visibility and exposure of your website. As a result, the higher your metrics, the better will be the health of your website.


  1. Your business’s credibility and reputation matter!

Using backlinks helps increase credibility in front of search engines and users as well. If a user finds your backlink in one of the authoritative and credible sites, they are bound to regard your brand or product to be of the same standing. Thus using trusted websites to backlink to yours goes a long way toward promoting the credibility and reputation of your website. You get as many links as possible, but it also shows why links from high-ranking and trusted sites are more important and beneficial than sites with less credibility. 


  1. Greater Visibility and Exposure

Although many marketing agencies are concerned only with link building from the perspective of an increase in search ranking, doing so can also help create credible lead generation. So even if you wish to expand or reach out to a new audience in a different geographical location, building quality backlinks will certainly help you reach a new audience and market. As a result, your business benefits by expanding beyond its current geographic territory.


  1. Increased Sales and Revenue Generation

Did you know that more than 3.96 billion social media users worldwide, with an average adult spending almost 95 minutes a day on social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or even something as simple as reading a blog? When we perform any of these actions, we often see links to other authoritative websites encouraging us to click on them and see what they offer.


This practice is usually referred to as influencer marketing. It also serves as an effective link-building approach, increasing sales growth and generating revenue for your business. Influencer marketing allows more and more users to visit your website and pay for your products and services, thus garnering more revenue-generating opportunities.


  1. Sustained Referral Traffic

Over time, when you have successfully created a permanent backlink on an authority website, you will be receiving a steady pool of website traffic from them regularly. Generating leads through link building is undoubtedly far more beneficial than any other traditional means of advertising and marketing. Not only this, but unlike any billboard on the street or a time-bound advertisement campaign on television, building quality backlinks can ensure that your website sees traffic from external publishers.


  1. Developing Quality Content for Readers

One of the most important benefits from our list of 8 link building benefits for 2022 is perhaps that your audience (or, in this case, the readers) will always be able to enjoy the high-quality content. This content is informative and educational, helping in solving user problems and adding value to consumers. Additionally, since many brands tend to shy away from direct link building, they often focus on developing indirect content, focusing on issues and information that lead to subtle link placements.


The bottom line:

Link building is undoubtedly one of the most important digital marketing strategies today. From improving your organic search engine rankings to helping with the search engine ranking of your website and even generating targeted referral traffic to boost sales using these 8 link building benefits as part of your digital marketing strategy is the way to go forward. However, when doing so, one must always stick to adopting White Hat Link Building strategies and steer clear from and avoid activities like manipulations, buying and selling links, private blog networks, and even link directories. 8 Link Building Benefits of 2022.

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