After the pandemic hit more people began working from home which led to a sharp rise in virtual meetings. One popular video conferencing platform often utilized by companies in today’s ever expanding remote work environment is Zoom. Understanding the dos and don’ts when it comes to having a successful virtual meeting is more important now than it has ever been.

These 7 steps will help ensure a more successful Zoom Sales Meeting



1. Create a Meeting Agenda

Before you join your meeting you should have some idea of what you are going to discuss. This will ensure that you do not leave out anything of importance and that you are adequately able to fill up your meeting time. Having an agenda will also allow your meeting to be more structured and help to encourage more effective discourse.


2. Send Email Invitations and Reminders

Sharing your zoom meeting link is just one way to allow your participants to join. A much more effective method is to send out the meeting invitations directly to your participants inboxes. This will also allow you to send out reminders to everyone which will lead to less absences and tardiness to your meetings.


3. Utilize a Virtual Background if Possible

When you consider that most of these virtual meetings are now taking place at your home office it is still important to maintain a level of professionalism. One way to do this is to utilize virtual backgrounds which can easily be uploaded in your Zoom settings. This will help portray the idea that your team is still working in an office even if that office is at home.


4. Ensure Your Meeting Environment is Distraction Free

While most desktop and laptop computers today have the ability to allow you to add virtual backgrounds to your Zoom meetings, not all of them do. In any case it is important that your meeting environment be free from distractions. Find a quiet place away from outside sounds so that you and your participants can fully engage in the meeting.


5. Join Your Meeting a Few Minutes Early

As the host of your Zoom sales meeting it is a good idea to join a few minutes early. This allows to check that you everything is set up properly and that you have no technical difficulties in order. Take a couple of minutes to prepare any notes before you begin.


6. Get Your Meeting Participants Engaged

You want o have your participants engaged and involved with the discussion. Start with an introduction by asking everyone how their week has been before diving into the first item on your agenda. As you’re going through your meeting be sure to stop every now and then to ask for feedback or input from participants. Finally, end the meeting by asking if anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns.


7. Utilize Feedback to Improve Future Meetings

Use what you learn from your meetings for future meetings. Keep what is effective and throw out anything that may be hindering your Zoom sales meetings. Incorporate feedback and input from participants to optimize your agendas for future meetings.


Here’s to a More Successful Zoom Sales Meeting

This article doesn’t examine all the technical ins and outs of Zoom. However, you should now be more prepared to lead a successful Zoom sales meeting.

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